Poker Pro Dominik Nitsche Opens Up About His High-Roller Lifestyle

Last Updated on January 2, 2018 Author:Adrian Sterne

Dominik Nitsche is one of the new faces of poker right now. The 27-year old has made millions playing poker and is considered as one of the best players out there right now.

The German poker pro is one of the top high stake poker players in the world right now but generally likes to keep a low profile in terms of how he carries himself and in the way he dresses while playing high stakes poker. He has shown a preference for wearing a hoodie and jeans and does not like the flash and glam that some high stake poker pros enjoy.

Nitsche started out in 2006 by playing online poker. He started out slowly but quickly found a winning strategy that helped him accumulate close to $3 million in winnings. He decided to break into actual live-play in 2009 and see if he could enjoy the same level of success.

He took part in a Latin American Poker Tour held in Argentina and came out on top winning around $381,000. Since then, Nitsche has embraced the live poker circuit and has made it a point to play in high stakes tournaments.

The poker pro now has over $11.4 million in career prize money but still leads a pretty simple and down to earth life. There are quite a few successful high stakes poker pros who like to show off their wealth by living it up and enjoying the high life. Instead of Ferraris and five-star hotels, Nitsche has settled for a simple apartment in Edinburgh, Scotland where he lives with his girlfriend. The poker pro moved to Scotland in 2013 and travels the world playing live poker. He is one of the few high stakes poker pros who does not even own a car.

Nitsche recently won the World Series of Poker Europe’s One Drop High Roller event at the King’s Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic. He competed with some of the best Texas Hold’em players and came out on top winning £3 million. He would go on to win another event soon after at the Eurasian Poker Tour in Prague and take home £88,000.

Nitsche claims the secret behind his success is his constant study of the game. He plays and studies the game on a daily basis. He makes no special preparations for tournaments – he just constantly pushes himself every day to better his plays and performance. One of his secrets to success is that he is never afraid of losing and usually has investors share in his buy-in, making the losses not as bad as it could be.

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