Poker Pro Agrees Prop Bet To Live 30 Days In A Dark Bathroom

Last Updated on November 28, 2018 Author:Adrian Sterne

dark bathroomProp bets are common in the poker world — they bring extra thrill and excitement to the game as players are usually ready to take on some crazy challenges to win more money.

Most prop bets turn out to be fun, exciting and borderline crazy. However, the most recent prop bet is dangerous and pretty scary.

The latest prop bet that has made the headlines is one that is being circulated on social media following a Facebook post by a certain Danielle “DMoonGirl” Andersen. This prop bet is about a poker player who has agreed to live in a dark bathroom for 30 days without human interaction. If he survives, he will win $100,000 and if he fails, he will have to shell out the same amount.

While confined in the dark room, the player will be provided with a refrigerator containing sufficient food, vitamins as well as water supply. He will also be given towels, toiletries, a Rubik’s cube, a paddleball and a bed. He will stay in the room for 30 days without alcohol, sleep aids or any other drugs.

Andresen was hesitant to disclose the identity of the player as she said he might not want to be named publicly.

Strong Reaction From Poker Fans

The poker world reacted strongly to the Facebook post which was also posted to the popular TwoPlusTwo forum. Dozens of commenters are concerned about the health risks involved in the prop bet, while others are saying it is impossible for the player to survive such a dangerous feat. The long-term isolation could significantly impact the player’s mental health, even though a certain amount of physical activity is still possible in such a small space.

Industry veteran Paul Oresteen considers the latest prop bet as the most damaging bet he has ever encountered. This has been echoed by poker author Nolan Dalla who said the prop bet has crossed the boundary and is no longer entertaining. Dalla said the player could possibly undergo potential mental deformity as a result.

Isolation Poses Serious Mental Health Risks

Psychological studies affirm that isolation can cause serious damage to an individual’s brain even in short periods of time. According to a 2008 study which was reported by the BBC, a person may experience hallucinations, paranoia, extreme emotions, anxiety, as well as serious deterioration in his or her mental functioning, after just 48 hours in isolation.

BBC Studios


The subjects were supposed to be observed for several weeks but only a few lasted beyond two days and nobody reached one week.

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