Poker Fest Championship Now Live at Party Poker March 28, 2018 Adrian Sterne

Poker Fest Championship Now Live at Party Poker

 Poker News October 24, 2014 by  Adrian Sterne

Party PokerThe Poker Fest Championship is now up and running over at the Party Poker site and this festival of poker is going to give you lots of chances from now until the 2nd of November to take part in up to 76 individual events on which you can enter and take part with buy ins that cost as little as just $1!

Party Poker have pulled out all of the stops to ensure this Poker Fest Championship is going to give their army or poker player the maximum chances of winning and winning big for they have chosen to set aside a whopping $2million in guaranteed cash prizes spread over those 76 individual poker tournaments, and if you have a love or passion for playing poker online then you really do need to make a date in your poker playing diary in the next week or so to get involved in some or as many of them as you can!

As mentioned you are not going to need a huge poker playing bankroll at your disposal to get actively involved in the Poker festival for there are some tournaments which you can take part in for entry fees of just $1, but should you be more of a high stakes poker player then there are of course many tournaments scheduled to take place that have much larger entry fees and of course much larger guaranteed prize pools on offer than the lower staked tournaments!

You will not just have the chance of winning a cash prize for on some of their poker tournaments scheduled to start during this Poker Fest set of tournament you will be able to play for a chance to win a paid for entry fee into a World Poker tour event!

There are Satellite Tournaments also on offer, so even if you find yourself a little short on your bankroll this week you are still going to have a very real chance of winning an entry into some of those higher paying tournaments!

So get yourself over to the Party Poker site for that is where all of the details of their Poker Fest Tournaments can be found along with a complete schedule of each individual event and also if you are not already a member and player of Party Poker then you are of course able to take full
advantage of one of the world’s largest poker site new player bonuses!

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