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.Poker Domains Are Now Available To The Public

 Poker News April 22, 2015 by  Adrian Sterne

domainThe online gambling industry is a billion dollar industry and online poker accounts for a significant percentage of that revenue. The global online poker market has grown considerably during the last 5 years and the demand for unique online poker domains has also skyrocketed.

The number of online gambling providers, affiliates and bloggers continue to grow each month and the competition to secure unique poker domains is fierce. Afilias, a global registry service provider has decided to launch a new set of specific Dot POKER or .Poker domains that will be made available to the public on a first come first serve basis. The company initially did a landrush and sunrise launch of these .dot poker domains as it wanted to test the market and see the demand.

The launch proved to be extremely successful as over 800 .poker names were registered during this period and a number of leading poker companies such as PokerNews and PocketFives purchased .poker domains. These .poker domains can be used to promote poker tournaments, poker products, poker home games and poker services.

In a statement, Roland LaPlante, Chief Marketing Officer of Afilia said

The poker industry is large and growing, especially the online games. .POKER will help Internet users and search engines alike to quickly identify poker-focused content worldwide. Fans, suppliers, game hosts and sponsors and other poker-focused entities now have a dedicated space on the internet. A .POKER address will help put the odds in favor of the registrant!

Some of the other top land based poker providers who have recently acquired .poker domains include top casinos like the Mirage, Caesars Palace, Borgata, Monte Carlo and Bally’s.

Online poker providers such as Full Tilt Poker, World Series of Poker, Bovada and Grosvenor have also acquired .poker domains.

Online states reveal that there are close to 100,000 domain names that include the word poker confirming the fact that poker domains are in great demand. Ever since these .poker domains were open to the public a number of domains have been registered and some domains have received multiple applications. Domains such as download.poker, virtual.poker, highstakes.poker, bitcoin.poker and world.poker have all received multiple applications and will be finally sold based on an auction.

Afilias is also running a .poker partner program that will feature selected .poker domains in Afilias advertising and promotional campaign material giving these .poker domains more publicity, advertising and online poker traffic.

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