Phil Ivey’s Day in Court Arrives

Last Updated on September 29, 2014 Author:Adrian Sterne

Phil IveyToday the 29th of September 2014 is the day when the poker playing legend that is Phil Ivey is in court hoping to convince the judge that he rightfully is entitled to a huge sum of money he won when playing Punto Banco at Crockford’s Mayfair Club some two years ago which we mentioned that Phil Ivey was to launch legal action in May.

We are not talking about small change here for Phil won an amazing £7.3million at Crockford’s, and whilst this may seem like massive amount of cash to most punters, the clientele at this leading London casino are famed for placing huge amounts of cash on their gaming tables and winning or losing vast amounts of money in one session.

However, what the whole case revolves around is the fact that Crockford’s have accused Ivey of cheating, and that is something he vigorously denies, and will be putting his case before the judge that everything he won was through his own skill and he is entitled to his winnings.

Crockford’s will be putting their case forward too, and they will be stating that due to the way that the playing cards had been cut, it was possible to read the pattern on the back of the cards when they were placed in a certain way and as such he gained an unfair advantage in the game, as he was able to see what cards where due to be dealt out, and could place his bets accordingly.

In fact it has also emerged that another land based casino that paid Ivey out a multi million Dollar win recently is now taking legal action to recover those funds, as they are also convinced he was able to read the pattern on the back of their playing cards too! That land based casino is the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City.

The case being heard in the UK is going to make legal history whatever way it turns out, for there has never been a case involving such a large amount of money before. We really are looking forward to the outcome of the case.

For if it goes Phil Ivey’s way then it will mean every land based casino is going to have to ensure every single playing card in every deck is checked and double checked to ensure there are no printing errors on them, and whilst that should be easy to do, as this case proves and the Atlantic City case will prove, those errors can and do occur!

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