Phil Ivey Playing Strategy Revealed

Last Updated on May 14, 2013 Author:Adrian Sterne

Phil IveyIf you have been taking a keen interest in our recent news story regarding the very well known poker player Phil Ivey, and how the Crockfords Casino in Mayfair in London recently refused to pay his multi mullion Pound winning payout, the details of how he amassed this win and the reasons why Crockfords have chosen to refuse to payout his winnings have just been revealed.

It would appear the Crockfords have refused to pay him those massive winnings which were accumulated on the Punto Banco game due to them suspecting he was aware of a design flaw on the playing cards which enabled him to know what cards where due to be dealt out and as such he was able to increase the stakes on certain hands safe in the knowledge that he was about to get dealt a winning hand!

After studying hours of CCTV footage and reviewing his entire game play and demeanour during his mega winning session the powers that be have determined that the cards used in the shoe were in fact flawed, and as such they have been cut incorrectly during their production which led to the pattern on the back of these cards not being perfectly symmetrical.

What led them to come to this conclusion was probably compounded by the fact the Ivey and his companion requested that the cards be turned 180 degrees, the reason they gave for this was that Ivey way very superstitious, and thinking this rather unusual request would have no effect on the game the casino staff complied with his request which then led to Ivey being able to clearly see the design flaw on the back of the cards and recognise certain cards!

It is also claimed that Phil Ivey requested that the deck was not destroyed and replaced by a new deck once the session ended, all casinos usually replace the deck of cards at the end of the shift, however by asking for his “lucky” deck to remain activate this ensured these flawed cards would remain in play when he returned to the casino.

The matter is now heading for the courts where it will be up to the judge in charge of the case to make a final decision on whether this alleged design flaw was in fact the reason for his huge winning streak; it should be a very interesting court case!

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