“Poker Brat” Needs to Win HSD Rematch Against Seiver To Silence His Critics

Last Updated on August 9, 2022 Author:Gabrielle Monet

Phil Hellmuth and Scott SeiverSummary

  • Hellmuth and Seiver will face each other again on Aug 22 for Round 5 of High Stakes Duel III
  • The Poker Brat defeated Seiver during their first match
  • If he beats Seiver for the second time, his critics might change their minds

Phil Hellmuth and Scott Seiver will continue their rivalry on High Stakes Duel with a rematch scheduled for August 22.

The upcoming match could turn out to be one of the most epic bouts on the show, as what’s on the line is not only the massive $1.6 million pot but also each player’s legacy.

Huge Match for Both Players

Hellmuth will attempt to prove once again that he can ace competitions outside of the World Series of Poker (WSOP), that he can still dominate the game despite his old-school poker strategies, and that he is worthy to be called one of the best heads-up players.

Meanwhile, Seiver, which has been the favorite to win the match and is considered by many as the better player, will try to redeem himself after losing his first match against the Poker Brat. Seiver, 21 years younger than Hellmuth, is a poker legend in his own right with more than $25 million in total live earnings.

Those who are following the show should know that Hellmuth currently enjoys a 9-1 record in the competition. It was Tom Dwan who gave him his first and only defeat after he replaced Nick Wright during Round 2 of High Stakes Duel III.

Dwan and Hellmuth faced each other again in Round 3, with the victory going to Hellmuth. The pair was scheduled for a rematch but it did not push through as Dwan had other commitments, leaving the door open for Seiver who paid $400,000 to take on The Poker Brat during Round 4 which the latter won.

Hellmuth Gunning for 10-1 on High Stakes Duel

Despite Hellmuth’s impressive record on the show, many remain unconvinced by his abilities. This is why the upcoming match is important for the 16-time WSOP bracelet winner. A second win against a player of Seiver’s caliber will most probably silence some of his critics who mostly hate him due to his brashness!

Should he triumph in the upcoming bout, Hellmuth’s record would improve to 10-1 which would be hard to ignore. Naysayers have always said Hellmuth can’t be considered a great heads-up no-limit hold’em player considering that he has yet to compete with the best players in the format, but looking at his opponents on the show – Daniel Negreanu, Antonio Esfandiari, Tom Dwan, Scott Seiver – they are the game’s elites, and defeating them multiple times is no mean feat.

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