partypoker To Focus On Cutting CO2 Emissions At Live Tournaments

Last Updated on June 27, 2019 Author:Adrian Sterne

The threat of global warming and climate change continues to grow forcing governments around the world, companies and citizens to take steps to do their part to make the world a safer place.

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) was one of the first major poker operators to take measures to roll out policies that will look at making things more green.

Now partypoker, the second biggest online poker room in the world has announced that it will implement new measures for its live poker tournaments to ensure that it reduces CO2 emissions as part of its focus on being more a more environmentally friendly poker operator.

Poker and the Environment

The aviation industry contributes 2% of all global human-induced greenhouse gas emissions, according to a BBC article on climate change. Poker players travel via different means of transportation to get into major tournaments taking place all around the globe. This causes massive carbon emissions that have a major impact on the environment.

Casinos consume massive energy to run events, while participants generate a huge amount of garbage and waste at venues, such as water bottles, disposable plates and cigarette butts. All of these contribute to global warming, and poker companies are fully aware of this.

However, most poker operators consider this part of doing business and a way of life. partypoker is determined to make a change and set an example that other poker operators will hopefully follow.

partypoker Makes Changes

Nick Whiten of partypoker LIVE said they have cancelled the use of membership cards as they are costly and difficult to ship between events. The only exception to this will be the UK’s Dusk Till Dawn casino which is yet to make a decision on the matter. As an alternative, players now only need to download the app which gives them access to all their registration info.

partypoker believes the largest environmental issue that the poker industry faces today is the collective carbon footprint, mainly brought about by airline travel, which is needed in order to reach international poker tournament venues.

Whiten said one of their strategies to combat this problem is to promote local events a lot more so that more local players will turn up and tournament organizers will not need to focus as much on attracting players from foreign locations which will in turn reduce the carbon footprint.

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is also implementing its own environmental initiative by recycling garbage generated during the poker festival. Water fountains and five-gallon water jugs are also provided in tournament rooms as part of its partnership with the One Drop Foundation.

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