partypoker Reimburses Poker Players Impacted By Bots

Last Updated on April 10, 2019 Author:Adrian Sterne

partypoker has completely transformed its image in the last three years by deciding to pay more attention to player feedback and then take the necessary steps to implement their feedback and become an online poker room that is exceptionally player friendly.

The online poker room recently announced that it had cleaned up its poker room by suspending hundreds of ‘bot’ accounts and reimbursing more than $700,000 to players who were impacted by bots.

Just about every online poker website out there has to deal with bots which are nothing but third party software programs that give poker players an unfair advantage over the rest of the playing field. Bot accounts pretend to be like real player accounts and play against normal unsuspecting poker players who end up losing as they are playing against a software program.

A number of poker players have complained about bots and partypoker decided to take action. The online poker room put together a Poker Fraud Team that was made up of top poker professionals who had the experience and knowledge of being able to spot bots and launch an investigation into cleaning up the poker room.

This new fraud team put in a lot of work and between Dec 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019 – a total of 277 bot accounts have been closed for good. The Poker Fraud Team also has the responsibility of monitoring online poker activity to ensure that there is no player collusion or any other illegal activities taking place.

More Than $700,000 Refunded

Bots usually target amateur poker players and unsuspecting poker players who end up losing most of their money quickly. Players have complained in the past that they were being preyed upon as their losses were not to human poker players but to software programs.

partypoker has listened to their feedback and tried to make amends based on its investigation. The online poker room has decided to reimburse a total of $734,852.15 to online poker players who were impacted by these bot accounts.

This is a great move by partypoker as it sends a clear message to players that their well-being is of great interest to the online poker room and they have measures in place to prevent them from being exploited. partypoker ambassador Patrick Leonard has confirmed that the Poker Fraud Team are using innovative tools to clean things up and anyone found violating the rules will be banned!

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