partypoker Launches New “MyGame Whiz” Personal Poker Coach

Last Updated on February 15, 2021 Author:Adrian Sterne

partypoker MyGame Whizpartypoker‘s latest initiative to improve the overall online experience of its players comes in the form of a new, innovative feature on its poker client. The world’s third-largest online poker site just launched “MyGame Whiz“, which will serve as a personal poker coach to players, helping them hone their skills and take their game to the next level for free!

With MyGame Whiz, players will be able to monitor their progress via a “Report Card” which uses a percentage ranking system indicating a player’s skills level.

There are a total of seven levels starting from Rookie (0-40%), and then Social (40.01-50%), Intermediate (50.01-60%), Solid (60.01-70%), Advanced (70.01-80%), Pro (80.01-90%), and the highest level Elite Pro (90.01%+).

Along the way, players must also strive to earn as many diamonds as they can, which will be given to them according to the number of hands they have played. This will also help the MyGame Whiz perform a more accurate analysis of their performance.

Newbies may start with at least 100 hands for which they’ll get one diamond; it will increase as they play more hands. If you reach 25,000 hands, you’ll get six diamonds.

Apart from the Report Card, players can also keep track of their performance by reviewing key statistics provided by MyGame Whiz, among them are preflop raise frequency (PFR%), voluntarily put money in pot frequency (VPIP), and aggression.

Through these stats, players will be able to identify their strengths and areas for improvement, including major leaks that must be plugged first to strengthen their strategy.

MyGame Whiz also allows players to directly go back to specific situations, such as their performance in relation to suited connectors or big slick. This way, they can focus on improving certain areas of their play.

If you’re using other third-party tools to analyze your play, you may also take advantage of the “download hands” option, wherein you can download the hands you played at the platform for the past 40 days. Additionally, MyGame Whiz will also enable you to conduct real-time analysis of your performance through a pop-up window that instantly records hands as you play them.

Training Courses Also Available

Apart from acting as a poker coach, MyGame Whiz also serves as a training site with tons of free courses available to improve your knowledge and skills in the game. For more details regarding the new MyGame Whiz, visit the partypoker website.

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