Partypoker Introduces Two New Formats For The Holiday Season

Last Updated on December 14, 2016 Author:Adrian Sterne

Partypoker recently announced that it has added two new game popular formats which are Progressive Knockout tournaments and Fast Five cash games, ahead of the holiday season Progressive Knockout tournaments also known as progressive bounty tournaments are popular with players as it allows them to win large prizes without having cash out at the tournament.

Under this format, players start with a bounty on their head which increases as they defeat opponents, making them an attractive target for others over the course of the game.

On winning the tournament, the player nets the first place prize money and also the bounty on their own head, which is typically a large amount by this stage. Under the Progressive Knockout format, the winner of a hand takes half of the victim’s bounty and the remaining goes into their bounty amount.

Partypoker is intending to offer Progressive Knockout tournaments thrice a day for now. There are three levels – $1,000 Gtd – Progressive KO Featherweight, $2,500 Gtd – Progressive KO Middleweight and $10,000 Gtd – Progressive KO Heavyweight. On Sunday the stakes go up though the buy-ins remains the same.

The buy-ins set are: $5.50, $22 and $109. The $5.50 game offers a starting bounty of $2.50 and the progressive one is $1.25. The $22 game offers $10 as starting bounty and the progressive bounty is $5. And finally the $109 game brings a starting bounty of $50 and $25 as the progressive bounty. The bounty amounts also remain the same for the Sunday game.

On the other hand the Fast Five game is six-handed cash game in the no limit hold’em format. Players start with five large blinds, with buy-ins starting as low as $2.50. As a result of the game having a fixed buy-in and offering high-octane play, Fast Five is a popular choice with players. It’s currently offered by most poker sites and is particularly enjoyed by recreational players looking for some fast action.

The games have had a low key launch with few tables but it is expected to be ramped up with time. In a statement, Tom Waters, the group head of partypoker said

Today we launch two new products on partypoker that will suit both tournament and cash game players. Progressive Knockout tournaments are a popular format in the poker community so it was important to respond to feedback and offer these on partypoker. Fast Five is a fun, fast-paced cash game, suitable for players with only a short amount of time but wanting action quickly.

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