Party Poker Issues Software Update

Last Updated on September 23, 2013 Author:Adrian Sterne

Party PokerIt has been a torrid week for Party Poker, this leading and well regarded online Poker site have been suffering a slightly large range of problems with their recently launched poker software which was launched in a blaze of glory and was intended to bring their gaming platform bang slap up to date.

However the opposite happened and poker players soon started to report that a while slew of annoying problems and glitches constantly occurred when they tried to both access and use the new poker software platform.

A new update for the Party Poker software has now been issued and this patch is hopefully going to eradicate completely the large number of different problems that players of this poker site are experiencing.

Players are now reporting the software is much more stable and are finding they can now play via this newly patched and updated platform without any of the problem that were previously experienced, so if you were one of the players who was having problems then launch the Party Poker platform and it should automatically patch itself with the update.

The list of problems being experienced before the patch was issued including Windows 8 users having the software crash once they logged in, if users of the software did manage to log in the software would then crash once the lobby had launched!

Some players also reported the software would simply freeze at certain times or that when they followed some of the links to access other parts of the software the links were broken leaving them unable to navigate around the site.

These aforementioned bugs have now been ironed out, however there are still a few annoying little ones that have still not been rectified such as resizing the fonts on the cash table game, the instant hand history window is still also proving troublesome with players not being able to resize it and a couple of other error messages keep on appearing.

It is hoped that Party Poker will have every back to normal very shortly and it is fair to say once the last few remaining glitches have been sorted out they should have a great piece of kit, but as with all new things in life they are experiencing a few problems at the moment, so it may be worth waiting a short while until the final roll out of their new poker platform and software!

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