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Optimus Poker Closes Up Shop

 Poker News May 24, 2013 by  Adrian Sterne

Optimus PokerIt would appear that the Merge Poker Network are having quite a few problems keeping their licensees onboard, as we have just learned that another skin of this fairly well known online poker network has decided to close up shop and leave the business.

Optimus Poker had been servicing mainly US based online poker players, and it would appear that with competition being what it is between such US facing online poker sites which cater primarily for American poker players along with the well documented problems that these players have in regards to financial processing issues online, then it was probably only going to be matter of time before this lesser well know poker site has to call it a day.

It would appear however if you do currently have funds in the Optimus Poker site then your money is not at risk, as we have discover via their website, that the funds in all players accounts are being managed by the Merge Poker Network themselves and as such you should still be able to have full access to your funds, whether this is in fact true we have not been able to conform this.

Several other poker site licensees using the merge Network have in recent times closed up shop and gone out of business, a couple of the more well known sites are Hero Poker and RPM, neither of the two recently closed Merge Network Poker skins gave an explanation why they chose to close up.

Many one time online US based poker players are choosing to stay offline at the moment as there are some major changes in the way these poker players can now get their daily poker playing fix in a legal way via some of the newly endorsed and approved online poker sites.

Las Vegas is leading the way in putting in place stringent licensing agreements with many poker software companies and online poker site operators and as such it is a waiting game for US based players who will soon have a very large and diverse range of well known land based US gambling companies offering them a venue at which they can play poker online safely and securely.

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