New Poker Twister Sit n Go Tournaments

Last Updated on July 1, 2014 Author:Adrian Sterne

Poker OnlineWe thought that we had seen very possible type of Poker Tournament available both in the online Poker playing environment and those Poker Tournaments accessible in land based Poker venues. That was until we heard about a brand new one that has just gone live over on the BetFred Poker site!

These brand new Poker tournaments are structured as Sit n Go Tournaments and when accessing and playing at BetFred Poker you will find they are available as what they term as Twister Sit ‘N’ Go Tournaments and the one thing that separates them from any other type of tournament found online is the sheer speed at which you will rattle through them!

The one benefit of taking part in these Twister Sit ‘N’ Go Tournaments is that they offer players a very unique playing structure and one that can be best described as a mix between playing Poker in a tournament fashion but also a way of winning a huge cash jackpot thanks to a series of unique events occurring as you play them!

These Twister Sit ‘N’ Go Tournaments are classed as unique three handed types of turbo tournaments and what makes them highly playable to online Poker players is that they have also got built into them completely random prize pools. These prize pools can be of a value from just 2 times the amount it cost to buy into the tournament or anywhere up to as much as up to a whopping 1000 times the buy in amount!

So with just three players taking part in them you have a 2 to 1 chance of being the winner of any Twister Sit ‘N’ Go Tournaments you chose to enter. As sun as you and two other players have registered then before the tournament starts in earnest a spin the wheel type of bonus game must be played and this wheel is going to be used to determine the value of the prize on offer!

This really will add another level of excitement to your online poker play! Please make sure you visit the BetFred Poker website for details of this not to be missed set of Twister Sit ‘N’ Go Tournaments as they really are going to be of great interest and will always offer you the chance of winning big even when you are playing for low tiny stake amounts!

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