New Jersey, Nevada & Delaware Sign Multistate Online Gaming Agreement

Last Updated on October 16, 2017 Author:Adrian Sterne

New Jersey surprised the online gaming industry in America when Gov. Chris Christie confirmed on October 13 that he had signed agreements along with Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and Delaware Governor John Carney to proceed with a multistate online gaming agreement.

The new agreement will allow the three states to group their online gaming player pools and allow online gaming operators to offer services in all three states. Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware are the only states to have legalized online gambling.

Delaware and Nevada entered into an interstate gaming agreement in 2015 as their respective online gaming markets were struggling due to their small markets and limited competition. The interstate gaming agreement helped boost revenues for both Nevada and Delaware.

New Jersey had the biggest online gaming market out of the three states and stayed away from any interstate gaming agreement. The online gaming market in New Jersey has done well in the last couple of years and gaming analysts expect the market to generate close to $240 million by 2017. So it came as a surprise when New Jersey decided to join forces with Nevada and Delaware.

In a statement, Gov. Christie said

Pooling players with Nevada and Delaware will enhance annual revenue growth, attract new consumers, and create opportunities for players and Internet gaming operators. This agreement marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for online gaming, and we look forward to working with our partners in Nevada and Delaware in this endeavor

The process to begin the integration of these online gaming markets has already commenced as online gaming operators have been asked to submit their IT platforms, products and games for review. They will be reviewed by Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey’s IT departments who are already prepared for submissions. Online poker players will have to be physically present within the borders of these three states to be given legal access to online gaming websites. Currently which is owned by Caesars Entertainment is the only online gaming provider operating in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey.

Governor Brian Sandoval welcomed the multistate online gaming agreement and said that gaming is one of Nevada’s oldest industry and is was very important for Nevada to continue to innovate and make full use of technology to create more opportunities for the gaming industry. This multistate agreement does just that and will help boost gaming revenues in all three states.

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