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Last Updated on April 10, 2015 Author:Adrian Sterne

32Red PokerOne of the aspects to playing poker online is that many sites now offer a Bad Beat Jackpot, however what most poker sites do not tell you is that as you are placing a small side bet to be in with a chance of being awarded a share of the Bad Beat Jackpot, a small percentage of your side bet wager is eaten up in administration fees and as such a small amount of each players side bet never reaches the jackpot pool!

However, if you make the very wise decision of playing at the 32Red Poker site then you are going to be able to not only have the chance of winning a share of a mega sized Bad Beat Jackpot pool, but all of your and every other player’s side bet wagers will be going into the pool.

You will find that you simply need to opt in to the Bad Beat Jackpot when playing at the 32Red Poker site and by doing so you will then have the chance of sharing in the jackpot pool when a player is dealt out a four of a kind poker hand which is beaten at the showdown stage of the game by a stronger hand. That jackpot can therefore be paid out on any game that meets the criteria!

The Bad Beat Jackpot available at 32Red Poker are on offer on all of their €0.10/€0.20 Texas Hold ‘Em cash ring games, but do make sure that you have opted in. By opting in then you will be charged a very modest 0.02 per hand you play and that side bet wager is removed from your casino account balance at the start of the game.

The current value of the Bad Beat Jackpot is always displayed on the screen and you will win a share of the jackpot is you are playing that same stake poker game when the jackpot is won by one of your fellow players.

There are plenty of different poker game variants available at the 32Red Poker site and you will find plenty of ongoing tournaments are also ready to roll! Make sure you visit the 32Red Poker site for an overview of all of their soon to start poker tournaments plus details of their new player and ongoing bonus offers of which they always have plenty of them on offer!

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