Nevada State Ladies Championship Comes To Vegas From April 19

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Nevada State Ladies Poker ChampionshipSummary

  • South Point Casino to host Nevada State Ladies Championship
  • Nevada State Ladies Championship will be sponsored by Ladies International Poker Series (LIPS)
  • Nevada State Ladies Championship will run from April 19 to 23

Top poker operators in the world have focused in recent years to bring in more female poker players to their tables and change the perception that poker is mostly a male dominated game.

A lot of female poker players have stated that they feel a bit intimidated and sometimes disrespected by their male counterparts and that’s one of the reasons why the Nevada State Ladies Championship (NSLC) focuses on hosting a ladies only poker tournament.

Nevada State Ladies Championship Will Take Place In Vegas

The NSLC is set to take place once again in Las Vegas, Nevada and will be hosted by South Point Casino from April 19 to 23. The NSLC will be sponsored by Ladies International Poker Series (LIPS).

Professional and amateur female poker players from all across the country are expected to make their way down to South Point Casino to participate in NSLC which will feature a number of different poker variants such as Bounty events, Omaha, Team events and multiple No-Limit Hold-em events.

The highlight of the NSLC will be the NV State Ladies Championship which comes with a $360 buy-in and will run from April 21 to 23. The buy-ins for these events are mostly suitable for mid-stakes action as they range from $180 to $360.

Some of the exciting events that should get a lot of attention from female poker players includes the $180 buy-in Pajama Jam where ladies can show up with their best sleep wear, the $180 Bounty Survivor event and the $200 US Ladies Team Championship which is being held in partnership with Team Poker.

NSLC Will Celebrate Women In Poker

Apart from all the exciting poker action taking place at the NSLC, women in poker will also be celebrated by a number of side events. LIPS ambassadors and iconic poker players Jan Fisher and Linda Johnson will be present to host a Q & A complimentary session on April 20.

Once the Q & A session is done, female poker players can enjoy themselves at a Purple Party which will be sponsored by the Women’s Poker Association (WPA).

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