More Bad News for Italian Poker Players

Last Updated on August 22, 2013 Author:Adrian Sterne

Poker OnlineIf you like playing Poker online and you are one of our Italian website visitors, then you will know just how hard it is to play poker online, for the Italian Gaming regulator has been showing his teeth recently and have been ordering all ISP’s to block access to many online gambling related websites to everyone who is in Italy.

The Italian Gaming Regulator is the AAMS and this Government controlled regulator has been busy blocking access to well over 4000 gaming related websites in the last few months, and having just announced another batch of gambling related websites be added to this list, should you be in Italy and have still been managing to play poker online, then you may find that Poker site is now blocked!

The regulator is really getting trigger happy in regards to blocking access to anyone in Italy wanting to gamble online and has banned access to some of the world’s biggest online gaming company’s websites including sites such as Bwin and Unibet to name just a couple.

However, all is not lost for should any online betting or gambling website sign up to and become a fully regulated and licensed site under the auspices of the Italian Gaming Regulator who does of course cost a fee and will require that site to pay taxes on Italian player derived profits, then they will be able to offer their services to Italian customers and their sites will of course not be blocked!

There are of course several online no deposit Poker site and gambling sites in general who have no intention what so ever in becoming licensed and regulated in Italy and these sites are either opting to drop their Italian customers, or some of these gambling sites are constantly working around the ISP blocks using all manner of clever and cunning tactics to allow their Italian players to access their gambling related websites.

It is of course not just Italian Poker players who are having more and more restrictions placed on them by the Governments gaming regulators, we have seen Spain going down this track in recent years and over in the UK it looks like the Gambling Commission will be doing a similar thing next year with the UK now deciding that they want a piece of the action in regards to having sites offering their subjects gambling related offerings needing to be regulated, licensed and more importantly taxed!

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