Modern Poker Club Announces Launch Of New “Pokerverse” Project

Last Updated on March 18, 2022 Author:Stefan Nedeljkovic

Modern Poker ClubSummary

  • Modern Poker Club will soon launch “Pokerverse”, the first massive multiplayer online play-to-earn poker game
  • Only Modern Poker Club NFT holders will have access to Pokerverse
  • NFT holders will also receive rewards and other cool perks

A new poker game is entering the metaverse, thanks to the Modern Poker Club, a poker-focused community that aims to add a new layer of fun and entertainment to the game and inspire a new generation of poker players.

The club is developing “Pokerverse“, a massive multiplayer online (MMO) play-to-earn poker game, which is the first of its kind in the metaverse. Modern Poker Club NFT holders are in for some cool perks and rewards when the game goes live.

This April, Modern Poker Club will be releasing its first NFT collection comprising of 10,000 NFTs. Pre-sale will be on April 1 and each NFT will cost 0.2 ETH. The collection will be made available to the public on April 8 at 0.3 ETH per NFT.

Here are the benefits that you’ll get to enjoy if you become a Modern Poker Club NFT holder:

Get Exclusive Access to Pokerverse

The Modern Poker Club NFTs will serve as your ticket to the Pokerverse. You will become part of one of these four factions: Sharks, Fish, Donkeys and Whales. You will be able to compete in tournaments and win prizes.

For those who may be new to poker, the faction names are terms commonly used in the game. Highly-skilled players are often referred to as “Sharks” while newbies who make mistakes are called “Fish“. Donkeys are bad players who always make poor decisions, while those who are very rich but are also bad players are called “Whales“.

Earn Rewards

Even if you don’t compete yourself, everytime any member of your faction wins, you will also earn rewards. If you play different games and improve your level, you’ll be granted access to various tournaments, plus you’ll receive more rewards if you become among the top players on the Pokerverse Earnings Leaderboard.

In addition to this, the top 9 NFT holders of each faction will be invited to an exclusive poker game where they get the chance to win a share of $100,000 in prizes.

Enjoy Shop Discounts

Modern Poker Club will establish its own shop soon. The items that will be up for sale include poker merchandise as well as 3d resin miniature card protectors. NFT holders will enjoy a 25% discount on these items.

You’ll also own the full commercial rights of the Modern Poker Club NFTs in your possession.

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