Mike Postle Owes Over $280k To 25 Entities But Has No Money To Pay

Last Updated on October 25, 2021 Author:Adrian Sterne

Mike PostleMike Postle has continued to stay in the news since 2019 after his alleged cheating in the Stones Gambling Hall incident came to light.

The entire case has been covered in depth over the years but Postle is now making headlines because he has accumulated massive debts and is not in a position to pay his creditors.

Postle’s debt goes back in time as he claims more than $80k out of the overall $280k he owes to his mother. He says that his mother loaned him the money to pay for his legal fees when he went through a divorce with his former wife Sabina Johnson.

The next biggest chunk of cash that Postle owes is to Veronica Brill and Todd Witteles which is just over $52,000.

When the court dropped the lawsuit against Mike Postle and Stones Gambling Hall, Postle decided to go after a number of members in the poker community which included Witteles and Brill. Postle filed a defamation lawsuit against them claiming they tarnished his reputation and made it hard for him to make a living.

A lot of the players that Postle named in the defamation lawsuit ignored it and did nothing. However, Witteles and Brill took action and decided to counter sue and filed an anti-SLAPP motion against Postle. On April 1, 2021, Postle decided to drop his defamation lawsuit against everyone and in doing so opened the door for Brill and Witteles to win their anti-SLAPP motion.

On The Verge Of Bankruptcy

After taking out the amounts owed to Brill and Witteles and Postle’s mother, the remaining balance is split among 25 names, with over 20 of these names being credit card companies. Most of the credit cards that Postle has taken have been maxed out and some of the other names are companies that have given out loans.

Postle is on the verge of bankruptcy and claims that he is only able to pay the Ford Motor Credit Association which is because he wants to keep his car from being seized. A California bankruptcy court is currently looking through all of the proceedings and is likely to make a decision on the matter in the coming weeks.

Postle is not going to be given any concessions from the poker community as Brill and Witteles are determined to get their dues from him!

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