Midday Tournaments at 32Red Poker

Last Updated on August 10, 2016 Author:Adrian Sterne

32Red PokerPlaying poker tournaments at 32Red Poker is something you are always going to be able to do no matter at what time of the day or night you log into your account an no matter what day of the week you decide to take your chances either!

We are pleased to pass onto you the news that 32Red Poker have just announced a new range of daily tournaments which begin between 12pm and 1pm and below you will find an overview of each of these poker tournament you are invited to take part in!

Freezeout Poker Tournament – This tournament is quite an expensive on to play in as the buy in is €20 however the base game is Hold’em and the prize pools are huge and it kicks off at 12:05pm.

Heads Up Poker Tournament – You will be playing Hold’em poker in a tournament fashion if you decide to take part in this tournament which costs €5 to enter and starts at 12:10pm.

Turbo Rebuy Poker Tournament – Another popular Hold’em tournament is the Turbo Rebuy and as the direct entry fee is tiny at €0.20 you should be able to afford to play in it at 12:15pm!

Bounty Poker Tournament – There is a bounty to be earned when playing is this Hold’em tournament which costs €2 to enter and the fun and games start at 12:25pm.

Deep Stack Poker Tournament – You will find plenty of cash prizes can be won playing in this Rebuy tournament which uses the game Omaha High/Low the entry fee is €5 and it starts at 12:30pm.

6-Max Poker Tournament – This is a Freezeout Hold’em which costs €10 to enter and you will have plenty of fun if you take part in it and it kicks off at 12:35pm so be online and ready!


Super Turbo Poker Tournament – There are some unusual poker tournaments available at 32Red Poker during the day and one of them is the Big Ante, Rebuy Hold’em €3 which starts at 12:40pm.

6-Max Poker Tournament – If you want to take part in a Rebuy Hold’em poker tournament that has a direct entry fee of just €5 then be online and ready to start at 32Red Poker at 12:45pm.

Turbo Poker Tournament – Another poker tournament that many players love entering is the Freezeout5 Card Stud tournament that costs €2 and it starts at 12:50pm each day of the week.

9-Max, Poker Tournament – One final tournament that you should have plenty of fun and entertainment thanks to their being a bounty you can win if you knock out a certain player is the Turbo, Super Bounty tournament which uses the poker game of Hold’em poker as the base game and this tournament costs €30 to enter and starts at 12:55pm.

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