Maurice Hawkins Declares Himself As The ‘GOAT of The WSOPC’ May 22, 2019 Juan Blanco

Maurice Hawkins Declares Himself As The ‘GOAT of The WSOPC’

 Players May 22, 2019 by  Juan Blanco

Maurice Hawkins recently announced that he considers himself to be the ‘GOAT of the World Series of Poker Circuit‘ (WSOPC).

Those who are unfamiliar with the term GOAT – it stands for the Greatest of All Time and is a common term in boxing and mixed-martial-arts.

Hawkins isn’t shy when it comes to boasting about his accomplishments on the WSOPC and he has reason to be proud. He is currently the leader when it comes to WSOPC rings and has as many as 13 gold rings to his name. Not only does he have the most number of WSOPC rings, he also has the record for winning the most amounts of cash at the WSOPC.

The American poker pro had his first cashout back in 2005 and since then he has continued to do well at WSOPC events. As of now, he has a little over $3.7 million in career winnings and has had a strong run in 2019. Hawkins has not only won 2 WSOPC titles this year but has also made it to 10 final tables which is quite an accomplishment.

Earlier this year, when Hawkins won his 12th WSOPC ring and tied the record, he played the accomplishment down and said he was more proud of the fact that he held the record for the most winnings in the WSOPC. Once he won his 13th ring and set a new WSOPC record, he officially pronounced himself as the WSOPC GOAT.

Hawkins Not Shy Of Singing His Praises

There are some poker pros like Dan Colman who win big but play down their success as they don’t like the limelight or the fact that they won a stack of cash. Hawkins has no such reservations as he is only too happy to sing his praises.

The 39 year old poker pro from Missouri also says he is the poker player with the biggest personality, the biggest table presence, the one who has the most charisma in the game and the most famous poker player in the world.

While Hawkins accomplishments at the WSOPC are indeed commendable, his comments have to be taken with a grain of salt though. He went on to outline his goals for future WSOPC tours stating that he would like to win a minimum of $50,000 per stop and win one ring per stop.

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