Lock Poker Network Adds New Poker Site

Last Updated on March 17, 2014 Author:Adrian Sterne

Lock PokerWe have a timely reminder for anyone who is unfamiliar with the Lock Poker site, they apparently owe many of their players a huge amount of cash, in fact is has been reported that almost $1 Million is owed to players who have been playing at the Lock Poker site and there does appear to be no attempt as of yet by Lock Poker to pay those players.

As such many worldwide poker players will be interested to learn and possibly steer well clear of a brand new poker site that has just gone live on the Lock Poker Network and this new Poker site is called Super Win and is on a “.eu” url.

As up until this point in time the only Poker site actually operating on the Lock Poker Network has been Lock Poker themselves and this has led to a large number of players still owed money to ask the question is the new Poker site part of Lock Poker or is it an independent type of Poker site who for whatever reason have opted to use this Poker platform and network?

Many Poker players have actually taken the time and effort to do a little online sleuthing to determine the background of this new online Poker site and several players have actually discovered that the operator of this site is the very same company that holds the gaming license issued by Curaçao for the European url domains on which both Lock Poker and Lock Casino operate!

When you are choosing an online Poker site at which to play you do need to be 100% confident that the Poker site is a site you can trust, and as such we would suggest you give this new Super Wins Poker site a very wide berth for there are no shortages of trustworthy online Poker sites at which to play at and you will never want to take any risks when playing Poker online, especially at a Poker site operating on a Poker Network that still owes a great deal of money to lots of Poker players!

Stick to playing at the Poker sites we have listed around our website for each and every single one of them have been handpicked by us and all of them listed have a solid track record in regards to offering certifiably fair Poker games and always pay out their winning payouts quickly and without any fuss!

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