Law Commission of India Report Pushes For Online Poker Legalisation

Last Updated on July 7, 2018 Author:Stefan Nedeljkovic

Law Commission of IndiaOnline poker lobbyists across India have been waging a tough battle over the last few years to educate state legislators and get them to overturn the ban on online poker.

India does not view poker as a game of skill but classifies it as a game of luck and has hence has placed it under the gambling category which is banned in India.

The Supreme Court tasked the Law Commission of India (LCI) to investigate sports betting and recommend whether it would be in the best interests of the nation to legalize sports betting. The LCI came out with a 145 page report that not only recommended the legalization of sports betting but also online gambling which is a big boost for online poker enthusiasts.

The report said

Having discussed the pros and cons of legalising regulated gambling and betting activities, it would be apt to say that the arguments in favour of the same far outweigh the arguments alluding to the immorality of these activities

Multiple Benefits From Legalisation

The LCI report listed a number of benefits that would come from the legalization of the online gambling and sports betting industry in the country. Some of these benefits include:

New Market Creation: The demand for sports betting in India will sky-rocket once the government makes it legal. It will bring in a flurry of sports betting websites from both domestic and international operators and create a new industry in the state. Sports betting will definitely be a bigger market than the online gambling industry which is expected to grow at a slower rate.

Boost In State Revenue: One of the main benefits of legalizing the online gambling and sports betting industry is that it will generate a significant amount of cash in the form of gross gaming taxes. State governments will greatly benefit from a new revenue stream that will help them with their fiscal budgets. The additional revenue can be poured back into the development of public services in each state.

Elimination Of Illegal Gambling: The illegal gambling industry is flourishing in India as unlicensed operators run successful betting operations evading the authorities via a number of clever tactics. By legalizing online gambling and sports betting, Indian players will no longer have to rely on these underground operators as they will have a number of licensed and regulated iGaming and sports betting websites to play on.

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