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Last Call for Canadian Titan Poker Players

 CA December 10, 2013 by  Adrian Sterne

Titan PokerIf you are a member of the Titan Poker site and you are a Canadian based player then time is running out for you to withdraw any funds that you may have in your account, for the Euro Partners brands which include Titan Poker and several online casinos will shortly be pulling out of the Canadian online gaming market place.

The exact details of why this leading online gambling site operator has decided to pull the plug on Canada based player is uncertain, for they have only mentioned in press releases that is it due to regulatory changes.

Should you be a Canada based customer of Titan Poker or in fact any of their other brands which include Casino Tropez among others, then you are still able to log into your account and play, however you are unable to make any deposits into your account.

You will of course be able to make a withdrawal at any time from now until the 22nd of December 2013 and as such the sooner you log in and withdraw any funds held in any account you have the better.

Titan Poker are not the only online gambling site that does not accept or allow Canada based poker players to play at their respective sites, however fear not if you are such a player and still wish to play poker online for there are no shortages of poker sites at which you can still quite happily deposit, play and withdraw your winnings from!

However, we would suggest you shop around for many online poker sites whilst catering for all worldwide players do not have the solid and dependable reputation that the Titan Poker site have, however with a little research you should find a poker site at which to play if you are indeed based anywhere throughout Canada.

Just ensure that the poker site you are thinking of joining and playing poker at is both fully licensed and regulated and that the poker platform you will be playing at is from one of the leading and respected poker gaming platform suppliers who ensure that their games are completely fair and random!

We will of course keep you fully up to date with any further developments in regards to poker sites that may be pulling out of the Canada online poker environment or in fact and new regulatory changes that Canada puts in place.

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