Josef Guláš Jr. Wins The Main Event For 2021 WSOPE in Kings Casino

Last Updated on December 10, 2021 Author:Stefan Nedeljkovic

Josef Guláš JrSummary

  • WSOPE Main Event crowns Josef Guláš Jr. as champ
  • Czech player wins first WSOPE bracelet and €1,276,712
  • Plans to buy a house with his prize money

The World Series of Poker Europe Main Event (WSOPE) has ended and the player walking away with the first prize is Josef Guláš Jr. He won €1,276,712 and his first WOSPE bracelet.

His father also competed in the tournament and but missed out on the cash.

Josef Guláš Jr. is the 8th Czech Republic poker player who has won a WSOPE gold bracelet.

WSOPE Main Event In Kings Resort Casino

The 2021 WSOPE was almost cancelled due to a COVID-19 outbreak in the Czech Republic but Kings Casino still continued the WSOPE and everything went off well. A total of 688 players signed up for the main event and paid €10,300 to enter the event. The total guaranteed prize pool came to €6,536,000. The WSOPE distributed the money to the top 104 players in the main event.

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The previous WSOPE that took place at Kings Casino had a Main Event that brought in 598 players, so the 2021 edition was a lot bigger in terms of numbers and the overall prize pool. Let’s take a look at how the final table played out.

WSOPE Main Event – Final Table

The last eight players were from many different countries and shows us how many EU nations were represented at the final table. The final 8 players were from Greece, Germany, Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Macedonia. In 8th place came Ilija Savevski and he took home €125,052, Thomas Denie came in 7th place and took €163,434 in prize money.

In 6th place was Aleksandar Trajkovski and he took home €217,854, finishing in 5th place was Stanislav Koleno who took €292,862. Athanasios Kidas did his best but only came out in 4th and took home €401,344. The last 3 players left were Johan Guilbert, Alexander Tkatschew, and Josef Gulas Jr.

The first to go was Tkatschew who collected €558,505 for his 3rd place. The final stretch came down to Johan Guilbert and Josef Guláš Jr. In the end, Guláš Jr. ended up winning his first WSOPE bracelet and got €1,276,712 for his first place finish, while Guilbert finished in 2nd place and collected €789,031.

Guláš Jr. was very happy with his first place finish and said he was going to buy a house!

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