Jamie Kerstetter Goes Vegan For 12 Month Prop Bet

Last Updated on February 8, 2019 Author:Adrian Sterne

Jamie KerstetterThere were some crazy poker pro bets that took place in 2018 and just a month into 2019, prop bets are once again getting attention. This time the prop bet centers around poker pro Jamie Kerstetter.

She is saying goodbye to meats for one a full year as she fulfills the terms of a vegan prop bet that could make her $10,000 richer.

The challenge was initiated by poker commentator David Tuchman through a Feb 5 tweet. He asked how much money it would take to stay away from meat for one year. The majority of the respondents thought it would cost them six-figures, but Kerstetter would love to do it for just $10,000.

Bill Perkins, known for stirring up prop action that brings about positive results, accepted the offer and shortly after, the terms of the agreement were set.

Prop Bet Terms

As part of the prop bet terms, Kerstetter’s vegan journey kicked off on February 6 up and will last until the same time in 2020. If she fails, the Queen of Poker Twitter will need to complete 100 hours of community service within 1 year, otherwise she will have to repay the $10,000.

Kerstetter praised Perkins for being a driving force behind positive change. She appreciates the accountability laid upon her and is confident Perkins will choose some interesting places for her to carry out her community service in case she quits.

Vegans Show Support

Since announcing the terms on Twitter, several popular health gurus and vegetarians reached out to Kerstetter to express their intention to help and support her in her journey. Daniel Negreanu and Andrew Lichtenberger both said they’re willing to offer useful tips and resources to prepare her for the one-year challenge.

While many thought $10,000 wasn’t sufficient enough to cover everything Kerstetter had to go through to fulfill the tasks, the poker pro wants to focus more on her belief system rather than money at stake.

Many people have strong beliefs but fail to reflect them in their actions. And this is what Kerstetter wanted to change. She is up to the challenge of proving to herself that she actually has the willpower to do what she thinks is the right thing to do.

Kerstetter is aware that she’s not dealing with a single challenge as she also needs to face the backlash associated with it, the insensitive and irresponsible comments from trolls, and the hate and disrespect usually thrown at vegans. In fact, she’s starting to receive nasty messages from random trolls already. We will check back in a few months to see how she is doing!

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