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Hendon Mob Changes Hands

 Poker News August 2, 2013 by  Adrian Sterne

The Hendon MobOne of the most visited UK poker news and information sites that being the Hendon’s Mob information packed poker site has recently been subject to a buyout and as such is now in the hands of Global Poker Index, a company owned by Alex Dreyfus.

This buyout was a surprise for many people due to the sheer popularity of the Hendon Mob website which has information on all manner of UK related poker players and events and has a huge online community of members who share and pool this information.

It was launched over 12 years ago and has been a good source of information for any serious poker player, as the site was famed for their association with many land based and UK online poker sites and venues which ensured all information regarding poker tournaments and events and player rankings was always fresh and fully up to date.

This relatively new Global Poker Index Company will be seeking to use and expand on the Hendon Mob website and should, according to its owner by a perfect fit for their other online poker related sites.

This company has made several very expensive investments over the last few months and it is hoped that they can grow and expand their current offering with the addition of the Hendon Mob’s website and massive database.

Anyone with an interest in poker and live poker events and are based in the UK will probably already be a signed up member of the Hendon Mob’s website, if not then you really ought to visit their site to see just how good it is, joining is free and once you are a member you will have access to a wealth of poker related information, which will certainly be of interest to anyone looking to play in live poker events across the globe.

Ways in which they are looking to increase members and add additional resources to the Hendon Mob website include offering valuable information in regards to even more poker tournaments which will be very diverse in their structure and format, whilst at the same time they are looking to introduce a faster results service and possibility add extra poker leagues and a whole host of other member exclusive deals and promotions.

There have in recent years been some major links up with the Hendon Mob website including Prima Poker, the Genting Group and for a while Full Tilt Poker and it will be interesting to see the future expansion of this website.

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