Hendon Mob Adds Real-Name Online Tournament Results To Database

Last Updated on August 13, 2020 Author:Juan Blanco

The Hendon MobThe Hendon Mob, which is the world’s biggest and most reliable poker tournament record database will now include real-name online poker results.

The Hendon Mob Database has for a long time only displayed player results from live tournaments, however due to popular demand, the website has decided to also publish results from online tournaments, in collaboration with popular online poker forum Pocket Fives.

Eric Danis, President of the Global Poker Index and The Hendon Mob Database said the decision was made after taking into account overwhelming demand from the poker community, though he clarified that only real-name results will be posted, meaning it won’t include those using screen names, which has become the norm in various online poker tournaments. The database will also not convert popular aliases.

Danis also made it clear that online results won’t count towards a player’s rankings and will therefore not affect their current stats.

Collaboration With Pocket Fives

Hendon Mob will work with PocketFives in adding online results to the database, a long-standing partnership that gets stronger with each passing year. Both share a common passion for the game and have been working hard to make relevant poker stats more accessible than ever to everyone who loves poker and who aspires to be successful in the game.

Over the years, PocketFives, which is headed by Lance Bradley, has taken charge of posting online results, while the Hendon Mob takes care of the stats in the live tournament circuit.

Whether or not screen names and aliases should be used in online poker competitions has long been a subject of debate. Danis said he fully understands if some players wanted to play anonymously online, though as a poker fan, he said he’d prefer knowing the true identities of the players. Since results related to screen names will not be included in Hendon Mob’s tournament records, it’s understood results from the recently-concluded Stadium Series on PokerStars will not reflect on the site.

If you’ve recently taken part in an online tournament, you might want to check out the Hendon Mob database and see if your results are there. The site now becomes the perfect go-to destination not just for live results, but also online tournament stats.

This latest move by Hendon Mob is an indication that the company is willing to keep pace with the evolving world of poker and take feedback from the poker community very seriously.

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