GPL Draft Day Dates Released By Global Poker League

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global poker leagueThe Global Poker Index (GPI) has built a reputation for itself as being the one of the top ranking systems in the world for poker players. The company is owned by Mediarex Sports & Entertainment (MSE)</a and led by CEO Alex Dreyfus who has been on a quest to change the image of poker by ‘sportifying’ it and moving it away from being a game of luck.

Mediarex Sports & Entertainment (MSE) has promoted the Global Poker League (GPL) as being the world cup of poker and believes that this league will be a catalyst for promoting poker as a sport and a game of skill. Since the GPL is a first of its kind, there is not a lot of information available regarding the league and poker players are interested to know more about the GPL.

What most poker players know about the GPL is the fact that it will run for 14 consecutive weeks and comprise of 12 franchises that will be split into 2 conferences with a total of 6 teams on each side. The breakup of the 2 conferences will be based on location as the format splits locations into EurAsia and the Americas and will kickstart before the 1st quarter of 2016.

The GPL recently announced that on the 26th of Feb 2016 it would launch its first GPL Draft Day and be similar to an “NHL-style draft experience.” The 12 franchises will send in their representatives as they need to be physically present to bid for their players. The event is expected to take place at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills and the very next day the GPI will host the 2nd edition of the American Poker Awards. Both events are expected to be live streamed on the internet.

The first conference will comprise of teams from the Americas and will most likely consist of franchises from Sao Paolo, Toronto, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco and New York.

The second conference will comprise of teams from EurAsia and will most likely consist of franchises from Moscow, Hong Kong, Prague, Paris, Barcelona and London.

The GPL confirmed that each of these franchises will have around 5 poker players and the franchises will be able to select 3 of their players during the GPL Draft Day and the final 2 players will be selected based on a ‘wild card’ format. The GPL Draft will feature only poker players who are ranked within the top 1,000 list of players on the GPI.

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