Good News for Portuguese Online Poker Players?

Last Updated on October 16, 2013 Author:Adrian Sterne

Portugal Online PokerThere has never been much choice for online poker players living or residing in Portugal, with there only being one venue available then anyone from Portugal who wants to play poker online at one of several different sites has never able to legally do that.

However things are hopefully changing for with the country in the grip of the current financial climate and with the Government of Portugal constantly looking around for new financial streams they are currently looking into the online gambling environment very seriously.

With Spain being the nearest country to Portugal maybe they have been looking closely at how Spain started to legalise and at the same time offer gaming licenses to companies looking to offer gambling orientated sites including poker site and online casinos to their citizens.

It has never been a secret that Governments can make some substantial amounts of cash by liberalizing their gaming laws whilst charging companies both a licensing fee and ongoing taxes which in turns allows these gambling orientated sites to then open up their sites to players in those respective countries.

Whilst the actual number of people looking to play poker online may not be as large as in some other countries there is always a market place for such sites and with plenty of cash to be made then Portugal could soon be allowing their citizens to play at Government licensed and regulated poker sites.

They are currently in the very early stages of looking into offering such a more open gambling environment, however as they can study the current models in place at other European countries such as the United Kingdom we suspect that once they have seen just how easy it is to open up their gaming laws and embrace this new gaming environment and just how much cash can be raised by doing so it will not be very long before licensed and regulated Portuguese online poker sites are open for business.

We will of course keep you fully up to date with any further development announced by the Government of Portugal, but be under no illusion they will soon be opening up their online gaming market place for the financial benefits are way too great to ignore, and much like all other European countries at this moment in time they really do need every Euro they can get and online gaming will certainly let them get lots of Euros!

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