GGPoker Draws Flak For Allegedly Shutting Down Accounts of UK Players February 10, 2021 Adrian Sterne

GGPoker Draws Flak For Allegedly Shutting Down Accounts of UK Players

 Legislation News February 10, 2021 by  Adrian Sterne

GGPokerGGPoker has been apparently shutting down accounts of some pros without valid reasons.

That’s the claim of a number of UK poker players after their accounts have been permanently closed, in a move allegedly geared towards avoiding “winning players“.

The allegations against GGPoker began circulating on social media at the end of January after British poker pro Andy Wool posted a “warning” on Twitter.

In his tweet, he shared that he reached out to GGPoker to increase his deposit limits but ended up having his account permanently shut down. According to Wool, the site also “ignored” his appeal request.

Wool who previously praised GGPoker for prioritizing recreational players, may now be having a change of heart, as the online platform has now appeared to turn its back on the pros.

Poker Pros Share Similar Experience

Comments on Wool’s warning tweet indicate he isn’t the only player to have encountered such issues, and the main problem appears to revolve around changes to deposit limits and requiring players to show proof of earnings which others are unable to provide.

Some pros shared that GGPoker also declined requests to increase their deposit limits. Among them was Ryan Hutchinson who said that he’s only allowed to make daily deposits of up to $200 on the site, that’s despite submitting proof of his account balances sitting at over $100K.

UKGC Regulations

GGPoker’s recent moves could be linked to the latest amendments to British gambling laws. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has amplified its campaign against gambling addiction by requiring operators to carry out stricter affordability checks and necessary reviews when players ask to increase their deposit limit.

When a player fails to provide the required documents, any request for a deposit limit increase will be rejected. This is a complicated matter for poker pros who play the game for a living as they cannot provide wage slips.

Unlike Wool, Hutchinson’s account still exists, but he is raising concerns over GGPoker’s real agenda, accusing the site of trying to shut down winning pros and using the UKGC regulations to justify their actions.

GGPoker Clears Name

GGPoker defended their decisions, saying they’re only complying with the law. The online poker site also rejected claims that they’re trying to remove winning players by unfairly shutting down their accounts.

GGPoker’s Paul Burke said whether or not a player is a winner or a loser has nothing to do with their decision making process when it comes to enforcing safer gambling measures.

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