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Full Tilt Poker US Players Still Waiting

 Poker News June 21, 2013 by  Adrian Sterne

Full Tilt PokerIt has been quite a long hard wait for US players caught up in the Full Tilt Poker sites run in with the FBI, and the thousands of players who had funds tied up in this once very US player friendly poker site when the Feds stepped in a seemingly, with ease, ceased their funds, are still waiting on the funds held in their accounts being returned to them.

If you have a good enough memory you may recall that the parent company of PokerStars opted to play the US authorities a huge amount of cash, running into hundreds of millions of Dollars to allow them to take over the Full Tilt Poker operation, however due to the complexities caused by the FBI’s action, players who held funds in this poker site haven’t seen a single cent paid back to them as yet.

An Administrator has been sought to pave the way for players to access their funds, however a formula does need working out to ensure those players receive their account balances back, and it would appear it is this formula that is taking so very long.

It has been estimated that at the very earliest it will be at the end of next year or even as long as 2015 when players will start seeing their one time Full Tilt Poker account funds paid back to them which is quite a wait for what should be a very simple procedure.

This ongoing situation has had a massive effect on the number of US poker players now playing online, with huge numbers of them residing themselves to the fact that no matter how big or established the online poker site they are playing at or thinking of playing at a similar situation could arise, and for many it is not longer worth taking the risk of playing poker online till it becomes 100% legal in the US.

It is of course Nevada who are leading the way in finalising a structure and format which will allow them to offer US players fully licensed poker sites, and as such at this very moment in time they are putting the required structure in place to allow them to approve, license and regulate online poker sites that cater for US based online poker players, however it is no easy job and is likely to take quite a while.

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