“JNandez” And Doug Polk Continue to Clash Over Upswing Case

Last Updated on May 9, 2023 Author:Gabrielle Monet

Doug Polk and Fernando “JNandez87” HabeggerSummary:

  • Polk’s attorney warned JNandez to abide by Upswing’s confidentiality agreement or face legal action
  • The warning comes after JNandez revealed details of his $150K lawsuit win against Polk
  • The poker community criticized Polk for his latest actions

Nearly two weeks ago, Fernando “JNandez” Habegger, in a series of Twitter posts, unveiled the details of his legal battle against Doug Polk regarding his resignation from the poker training site that the latter founded, Upswing Poker.

However, even with the case already decided, Polk appears to continue to go after JNandez. This time, one of his lawyers wrote a letter to the Swiss pro, telling him to keep his mouth shut about his contract with Upswing Poker. Otherwise, he’d find himself in another legal fight for breach of confidentiality.

Polk’s Lawyer Threatens to Sue JNandez for Breach of Confidentiality

Polk sued the JNandez back in 2018 for breach of contract after leaving Upswing Poker. During that period, he allegedly perpetrated a smear campaign against PLO coach and pro, destroying his reputation through multiple false claims.

JNandez launched a counterclaim on the breach of contract issue and also filed a defamation case against the American Poker player. While he lost his defamation claim, JNandez disclosed that the court sided with him on his breach of contract countersuit, awarding him $150,000 in damages. Little was known about the case until Charlie Carrel tweeted about the situation last month, which made everyone talk about it again.

JNandez received the warning from Polk’s attorney after he recently revealed some details of his Upswing Poker contract on social media. The PLO coach was also set to appear on a popular podcast to discuss the matter, prompting Polk’s legal team to act, according to the letter.

The Feud Continues As Poker Community Chips In

JNandez refused to be intimidated by this latest threat from Polk’s team and further attacked the Upswing Poker founder, accusing him of trying to silence the truth.

This has led to another social media clash between both parties, with Polk claiming that JNandez is misleading people about the actual outcome of the case. He maintained that Upswing did not breach its own contract and that his company did not steal money from anyone.

He also pointed out that JNandez lost his defamation claim, whilst asserting that he will continue to defend Upswing Poker and its members despite the court ruling in JNandez’s favor on the contract issues.


JNandez answered Polk’s claims point by point, arguing that he was the “prevailing party” in the case and that Upswing indeed breached the contract by refusing to pay him his money.

Polk’s latest actions have raised the ire of the poker community, with many finding it ironic that the three-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner now wants JNandez to abide by Upswing’s confidentiality agreement when the company was found to have violated its own contract.

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