Female Poker Players Increasing In Bengaluru

Last Updated on December 7, 2015 Author:Adrian Sterne

BengaluruThe global poker industry has been dominated by male poker players but the interest amongst female poker players appears to be growing with every passing year. The city of Bengaluru has witnessed a rise in the number of female poker players which is surprising considering the fact that gambling is currently illegal in most Indian cities.

Bengaluru is the information technology hub for India and has a very diverse population as Indians from different parts of the country have travelled to Bengaluru to get work and settle down. The city has a very happening social scene and it is here where poker is gaining a lot of popularity amongst wealthy socialites and female party goers who find poker a great way of passing time and having fun.

Poker is not a popular game in India as rummy, bingo, bridge and teen patti have always been crowd favorites. The ladies of Bengaluru are changing all that as they believe poker is a game of skill that requires them to think smart, be calculative and have a great poker face to make an impression. As of now there are no officially sponsored poker events in Bangalore and serious poker players have to travel to places like Singapore, Malaysia and Macau to have a chance of winning any serious money.

The games that take place in Bengaluru are staged at social events and parties to allow Bengaluru’s women to develop a new past time which is quickly becoming a serious hobby.

These gathers take place on a regular basis and a select group of ladies get special invites along with the location of the game. These games usually take place at top clubs or posh residences where food and drink are served at the table to ensure that players at the table can concentrate fully on the game. These games take place on weekdays and weekends and usually run from 8.30 pm to 11.30 pm.

There are some groups who believe that poker could have a negative impact on the individual and society but psychologist Shamsah Pradhan does not think so. In a statement, Shamsah

Poker offers a good balance. It exercises your mind over a lighthearted evening by socializing in a safe environment. One can go overboard on alcohol intake at a night club. Book reading can get serious. Scheduled poker nights ensure compulsory socializing for women who neglect it due to family commitments. Poker is great as long as it is treated only as a stress-buster.

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