F.O.M.O. Friday Poker Tournaments at Paddy Power Poker

Last Updated on October 13, 2016 Author:Adrian Sterne

Paddy Power PokerIt will be at Paddy Power Poker you should be heading and playing at each Friday if you fancy taking your chances on a range of poker tournaments, but a range of poker tournaments that offer you something of a much increased chance of winning.

For each Friday Paddy Power Poker are running their F.O.M.O. Friday Poker tournaments and it is on those poker tournaments there will only ever be 100 players taking part in each of them!

So instead of having to play and then beat thousands of other poker tournament players which is what you will have to do on most other multi-table poker tournaments these F.O.M.O. Friday Poker tournaments offer you a much better chance of winning one of the cash prizes due to there being fewer players taking part in them!

In fact, there are five cash paying positions on the leader board and as such you do have an even better chance of picking up the prizes on offer too! What makes these F.O.M.O. Friday Poker tournaments very playable is that from Monday through to Thursday you can take part in freeroll qualifying tournament and will be able to win your entry n them at no risk to your own bankroll!

For more information on how these tournaments are structured and to take part in them make sure you visit the Paddy Power Poker site and sign up as a new player!

Before you do enter any online perk tournaments however you really should spend as much time as you possibly can do learning how to play your chosen poker game perfectly. There are of course lots of open free poker tables that will allow you to play off as many poker hands and games as you like at Paddy Power Poker and as such that is one way to master playing any poker game that is of interest to you.

Another way that you can learn how to play in poker tournaments is to actually see how other poker players play and what poker playing strategies they also put into live play when taking part in them.

Take a look around our website for we have several poker playing guides and strategy articles and additional videos too that will help you master playing poker online!

One final thing worth knowing is that every single poker site you see showcased throughout this very website are going to be offering you a range of both new player and ongoing bonuses that you are more than welcome to make use of.

By doing so that will give your bankroll a large boost in value and will enable you to play more cash ring games or possibly use those poker bonus credits to take part in a large of and a very varied range of poker tournaments too!

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