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Ex-Poker Pro Makes It Big In Daily Fantasy Sports Market

 Poker News October 27, 2015 by  Adrian Sterne

Assani FisherThe online poker industry has become extremely competitive over the last three years and it is now a lot harder for players to make a consistent living.

The tight regulations and the ups and downs of the online poker industry in the United States has caused many online poker players to quit playing poker and switch over to something new. Poker pro Assani Fisher was once such player who decided to quit the online poker industry and switch over to the daily fantasy sports (DFS) market.

The 33 year old ex-poker player had a good run in the online poker industry winning over $600,000 in online tournament prize money and an additional $70,000 playing live poker.

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However there was too much work and effort required for Fisher to make a constant living and instead he decided to switch over to the DFS market and see how it turned out. His decision proved to be a great one as he scored massive points in a number of contests ranging from the NFL, NBA, PGA, MLB, NCAA and MMA.

Fisher has already made $800,000 from the DFS market and is now ranked as the 7th best DFS player in the world and gets VIP treatment from the top DFS brands as they want him to promote the game and their company. Fisher who plays out of Nevada has been put in a tough spot after the Nevada gaming commission decided to ban DraftKings and FanDuel from operating and now has to make a decision to move out of state to continue to play.

Fisher has no plans to return to the online poker industry which is legal in Nevada as he believes the DFS market is a lot more lucrative and easier to win bigger sums of money. The ruling to ban DFS from the Nevada market could not have come at a worse time as the NFL season is currently in progress and there are huge sums of money to be won. Fisher is currently contemplating moving over to California as he does not want to waste time and miss out on the opportunity to make big money.

In a statement, Fisher said

I’m not overly optimistic when it comes to the future of DFS, to be honest. We’ve seen this happen before with sports betting and poker. The public debate is on the definition of what constitutes gambling, but in reality, it’s just the politics distracting us while the corporate interests find a way to get their cut of the profits. It seems like a clear money grab to me, and because of what we saw with online poker, I don’t see things getting any easier for the DFS industry

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