Dutch Law Courts Define Poker as a Game of Skill

Last Updated on February 3, 2014 Author:Adrian Sterne

Poker OnlineA very long running legal argument has been going on in which a group of men had been charged with running an illegal gambling operation, at which people could play Poker games, in fact this case has been before the law courts for around seven years now!

It has finally been decided, after lengthy submissions that Poker, as far as the Dutch law courts are concerned is a game of skill and not, as many people claim it is, a game of chance, and this ruling has allowed those men charged with the alleged offence of running an illegal gaming operation to get off with no charges brought against them.

The way in which the game of Poker is defined has always been under discussion in many different parts of the world, for many people are convinced it is a game of chance, however once you take into account the actual structure of the game which includes the bluffing element of the game it is hard to see how it can be a game of chance.

Many countries have opted to give the game of Poker a definition as a game of chance whilst some countries have decided it is a game of skill, and as such it is often exempt from certain laws surrounding games of chance which are usually those offered at casinos and gaming venues.

However you personally define the game of Poker is of course up to you, and with the online Poker environment now being a global phenomenon there are many millions of Poker players who regularly log onto their favourite Poker sites and get stuck into playing all manner of different Poker games and enter Poker Tournaments.

Over in the US there are some major changes being brought in, and some US States have now legalized playing Poker online at sites which hold one of their individual State online gaming permits, whilst some US States are looking into legalizing online poker, some US States have declared they have no intention of ever legalizing online Poker sites!

If you do have an interest in playing Poker online then you should always checkout your own local gambling laws to ensure that you are playing legally from wherever it is you live, for the laws surrounding online Poker playing change from country to country and from State to State!

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