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Doug PolkThe online poker industry is growing at a rapid pace, especially in emerging markets because young players are inspired to take up online poker and make a living.

They are impressed with the fact that one can sit from the comfort of their home and earn thousands of dollars every month playing online poker.

Poker pro Doug Polk boldly claimed that he would be able to go to with a $100 starting bankroll and come out with $10,000. It’s understandable that the poker pro would feel confident that he could do it.

Polk who uses the handle ‘WCGRider’ for his online poker games made that statement over two years ago when he had over $5 million and owned a pair of WSOP bracelets. Well, fast forward a couple of years and Polk now has over $9.4 million in career prize money but in terms of his challenge he is still nowhere near the $10,000 goal that he set in online poker winnings from

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Grinding It Out In Low-Stakes Tournaments

Polk who is the founder of Upswing Poker made a few changes to his original commitment. It was reported that Polk has now accumulated around $1,600 in winnings which is very far away from the $10,000 he has his sights set on. He spends most of his time competing in low-stakes tournaments and cash games which he says are conducive to good bankroll management.

Despite his lack of success in fulfilling the challenge so far, Polk has maintained that he would keep chasing his goal until he reaches it. He points out that he never placed a time limit on completing the challenge so he’ll keep at it even if it takes him 15 years to do it.

Costly Mistakes Hurting His Bankroll

WSOP statistics show that Polk has not improved his position despite recently playing in over 40 sessions. Polk played in a $320 buy-in tournament on August 5 but he was eliminated pretty early. He made a costly error by accidentally clicking on the re-buy button which cost him an additional $320 but he still exited early and did not finish in the money.

He was able to get his balance back up to $1,716 by August 8 but he went on to lose $110 of it. Polk’s experience is a reminder to all aspiring poker pros that making a living at the poker table is no easy feat. For every person who has turned a $50 or $100 bankroll into $10,000, there are countless others that have gone bust.

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