Doug Polk Owes Bill Perkins $200K After Barely Missing Body Fat Prop Bet

Last Updated on February 22, 2023 Author:Adrian Sterne

Doug Polk before and after Body Fat Prop bet challengeSummary

  • Doug Polk tried to cut his body fat by 50% in one year as part of the prop bet
  • He lost 30 lbs but missed the body fat target by just over 1%
  • Bill Perkins ended up winning the prop bet for $200,000

Poker pro Doug Polk was unsuccessful in his body fat prop bet with Bill Perkins. The Lodge Poker Club co-owner had a year to cut half his body fat but he narrowly missed the target when the weigh-in day came.

Polk will have to pay $200,000 to Perkins as per their agreement.

The Prop Bet – Details

Polk’s prop bet with Perkins officially began on February 10, 2022, with the American poker pro registering 27.7% bf on the dexa scan. Within one year, he should bring that down to at least 13.85% bf. At stake was $200,000, and each month, Polk would post an update on his progress.

Based on the responses to Polk’s Twitter announcement, everyone seemed to agree it was a “super easy” challenge, with some saying it could be done in six months. Max Silver set himself as an example, sharing that he managed to reduce his body fat from 33 to 14 in a pull-up bet.

Polk Loses $200K but Now Is Now In “Best Shape”

Perkins is well-known for engaging in prop bets that would result in positive health and lifestyle changes for his opponents. The poker community would not forget how he challenged Matt Staples and his brother Jaime to get to the same weight in just one year. It wasn’t an easy task, considering the huge difference in weight between both players when the prop bet began. The brothers ultimately succeeded and won $150,000 from Perkins.

The same cannot be said for Polk. While he managed to lose 30 lbs over the past 12 months, he failed to reach the required body fat by just over 1% when he did the dexa scan more than a week ago. Among the reasons for the failed attempt could be Polk hiring the wrong people who were supposed to help him accomplish the challenge.

He had personal trainers and nutritionists before but he ended up firing all of them. He took matters into his own hands and saw progress month by month, though his efforts weren’t enough to win the prop bet.

Polk will shell out $200,000 for losing his prop bet to Perkins. That’s a huge amount, but the Upswing Poker founder had his money’s worth out of that challenge as he is now in the “best shape” of his life.


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