Doug Polk Engages In Social Media Feud With Matt Berkey and Christian Soto

Last Updated on October 22, 2020 Author:Gabrielle Monet

Doug Polk, Matt Berkey and Christian SotoDoug Polk is at it again! There’s no stopping the Upswing Poker founder from picking fights on social media. Following confirmation of his heads-up grudge match against Daniel Negreanu, Polk has now found another target.

The “semi-retired” American poker pro taunted Matt Berkey on Twitter recently and also challenged him to a heads-up match. Polk has been goading a number of poker pros lately, something that does not sit well with some members of the poker community.

His latest verbal attack against Berkey has elicited negative responses, with some players calling him a “bully“.

Berkey, who established the Solve for Why poker training academy, did not give in to Polk’s insults and chose to stay silent, but as the verbal rampage got more intense, Berkey’s podcast co-host Christian Soto just couldn’t take it and decided to fight back. He called Polk a “p***y” who doesn’t understand language between guy friends because he doesn’t have any guy friends in the first place.

Polk’s responses got more condescending – this time, he shifted his aim towards Sotto and challenged him to a one-on-one match. When Soto showed no interest in agreeing to his terms, he then called him “broke” and a “coward“.

Soto Declines HU Match

Soto said he could play Polk in a live full ring cash game but according to him, Polk did not like the idea because it would prevent him from using real time charts. Polk responded saying he is willing to take on Soto in a live game with just the two of them, no other players involved, to settle their dispute.

After arguing back and forth, Soto declined the heads-up challenge saying it would be unfair for him as HU NLH is obviously Polk’s specialty. Soto eventually left the conversation, but not without a final attack against Polk. He said Polk’s antics on social media might be just a promotion stunt or a sign of his insecurities.

Negreanu vs. Polk Twitter Banter Continues

Over the past few days, Polk and Negreanu got involved in another nasty verbal exchange on Twitter after the Canadian pro did not agree to Polk using a cheat sheet in their upcoming match.

The Poker Hall of Famer said he wanted to play “real poker“, making decisions without the use of charts and other tools. Polk called Negreanu a little “b***h, saying he couldn’t wait to clean him out.

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