Delaware to Give Green Light to Online Poker?

Last Updated on September 4, 2013 Author:Adrian Sterne

DelawareWe have just received some interesting news, which if you are a resident of Delaware who enjoys playing poker online, you may find it interesting too! It appears that Delaware are planning to link up with Nevada in regards to offering residents of this US State to be able to play poker legally online by doing so at Nevada licensed online poker sites.

Nevada have been in the process of legalizing online poker sites in their jurisdiction for quite a while now, and whilst not an easy task due to the complexities of this new poker playing environment, in regards to ensuring the sites they license and regulate have a solid and dependable set of checks and double checks, to ensure the sites they license are above board, they have got to the point where they can now license such sites.

As the State of Nevada will of course be benefiting financially from this licensing of poker sites, it appears that neighbouring States are happy to permit their citizens to play poker online, if they get a cut of the taxes and fees these legalized sites will be paying, and this is probably why Delaware have announced this partnership with Nevada.

It is expected that it will be in the early part of next year, 2014 that this partnership will be formulated and then anyone living in Delaware will be able to quite legally play poker at any online poker site that holds a full and valid Nevada gaming license.

There are many established online poker sites that have been linking up with established land based casinos and land based gaming companies and they have applied for Nevada online poker licenses, so it is true to say that Delaware online poker players will certainly have no shortages in regards to which online poker sites they will be able to play at!

Many Delaware land based casino have, you may of noticed, been gearing up for this soon to be announced legalising of online gaming sites, and this has been most noticeable when you visit the respective land based casinos websites which have all been adding links to their respective free to play online gaming sites.

We await with interest this Inter State partnership and will keep you fully informed should we hear of any other US States forming partnerships in regards to offering real money online poker to their citizens.

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