“DannyAce66” Captures WPT Spring Festival Main Event for $270,305

Last Updated on February 24, 2021 Author:Stefan Nedeljkovic

World Poker Tour: Spring FestivalThe first-of-its-kind World Poker Tour (WPT) Spring Festival, which took place exclusively on the Asian mobile app Poker King, has finally come to an end, following an quick finale in the Main Event which saw “DannyAce66” being crowned as the winner.

The ¥2,000 ($309) buy-in event featured three Day 1s which 3,505 entries, among them were prominent names in the world of poker, such as Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, Stephen Chidwick, Scotty Nguyen, Jean-Robert Bellande, and Nick Petrangelo, all of whom carried bounties on their heads.

But none of the stars made it to the final table, with the last six remaining bounties all eliminated on Day 2.

Only 43 players returned on Day 3, February 21, to resume the action, and that number dwindled down to the final eight, with “DannyAce66” third in chips.

The final action took place the following day, February 22, and the eventual winner immediately got things done. He first eliminated “Yuchuan” in eighth place for ¥120,000 ($18,535), and in rapid succession, five more players were out of the table.

YeyeDowneyJrYKY” finished 7th for ¥230,000 ($35,526); “Nengfeifei” finished 6th for ¥330,000 ($50,972); “Mysterious11” claimed the 5th spot for ¥430,000 ($66,418); “Yuyouqianshuijian” fell in 4th place for ¥530,000 ($81,864); “Sojo” finished 3rd for ¥730,000 ($112,756).

The quick eliminations left “DannyAce66” and “Tianxingjian” in heads-up play, but the eventual winner began the action with a 3:1 chip advantage. His opponent managed to narrow the gap after one hand, but that wasn’t enough to extend the battle much further, as a few minutes later, “Tianxingjian” hit the rail.

Holding KhKd, “DannyAce66” raised in position pre-flop, prompting a call from “Tianxingjian” who was holding 10c7c. The board ran out 10h5d3c2s and “Tianxingjian” moved all in. “DannyAce66” called. Tianxingjian didn’t find any help on the Qc river, and just like that, “DannyAce66” called it a day with ¥1,750,000 ($270,305) in first-place winnings, plus a Baccarat Crystal trophy.



Tianxingjian” earned ¥980,000 ($151,371) for finishing as runner-up.

Victory for Both the WPT & Poker King

While the Main Event failed to meet its $1.5 million guarantee, the decent turnout made for a generally successful tournament. It was also a win for both the WPT and Poker King – with the unique festival, the WPT was able to achieve its expansion goals, establishing the brand in Asia; at the same time, Poker King managed to make some noise in the West, gaining global exposure.

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