Daniel Negreanu Shares His Personal Goals For 2016

Last Updated on January 6, 2016 Author:Adrian Sterne

Daniel NegreanuDaniel Negreanu is considered to be one of the best poker players in the history of the game and rated as the number one poker player based on career prize money earnings by the Hendon Mob as he has taken in over $32 million in his career so far.

Negreanu is unlike the typical poker player of the past whose lifestyle revolved around poker tournaments, alcohol, junk food and constant partying.

He has adopted a completely different lifestyle that revolves around discipline in all areas of his life and goal setting happens to be a key part of his lifestyle.

Negreanu has made it a habit to share his poker goals for the New Year with his fans but this year he decided to take it a little further and also share some of his goals outside the realm of poker.

The top poker pro decided to give his massive fan base a little background on the power of goal setting before revealing some of his personal goals for 2016. Negreanu advised fans to fix three criteria before going ahead with their goal setting process. The first criteria was fixing ‘The What – which is the Goal’, the second criteria is establishing ‘The Why – which is the purpose of the Goal’ and the third criteria is ‘The How – which is a plan on accomplishing the goal’.

Some of Negreanu’s goals for 2016 include:

Reading 12 Books: Negreanu has a set himself a goal to read 12 books that will help him work on one of his new projects that it outside the realm of poker. With the 2016 World Series Of Poker coming up, Negreanu expects himself to be really busy and wants to ready as many books as he can before the season starts.

Health & Fitness: The vegan poker pro states that he does not have any problems with his diet as he is used to eating clean but really wants to work on building muscle and strength. His goal for this year is to be able to do 20 pull-ups before December 2016 and also to spend a minimum of 100 hours on cardio. Negreanu is working with a fitness coach to help him achieve this goal.

Yoga Sessions: Negreanu has tried yoga before but he wants to make a serious commitment this year to complete a minimum of 25 yoga sessions which he believes will help him with his overall health, fitness and concentration.

Philanthropy: The multi-millionaire wants to continue to work with some of his favourite charities in 2016 and continue to make significant donations that have an impact around the world. Some of the charities and causes that Negreanu loves to support include St Jude’s, Habitat for Humanity and Animal Rights and Veganism.

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