Daniel Negreanu Releases Statement On Worldwide Climate Change

Last Updated on December 17, 2021 Author:Adrian Sterne

Daniel NegreanuSummary

  • Daniel Negreanu biggest name in the poker community fighting for climate change
  • Negreanu has changed his lifestyle to support climate change
  • Hopes his efforts will make a difference to carbon emissions

Climate change has been one of the world’s most controversial topics for the last few years. Politicians all over the world are trying their best to try and protect the global ecosystem by limiting the continued change in the world’s temperature.

The recent COP26 conference was aimed at doing just that but many think that it isn’t enough. This is the reason why many famous names are taking up the fight.

The power of celebrity names to bring light to important issues is not new. For climate change, the biggest celebrity name is Leonardo DiCaprio. He has been working as a UN Climate Change Ambassador for years. He has used his platform to highlight the threat of climate change. Another celebrity who is helping with climate change is Mark Ruffalo who speaks out publicly on it.

The biggest name in poker community that is speaking out is Daniel Negreanu. He is one of the most successful poker players in the world and a member of the Poker Hall of Fame. He is considered to be one of the great poker players of all time and has a great platform in the poker community to talk about climate change. The most notable change in his lifestyle is the move towards vegan eating, which should lower his carbon footprint.

According to Negreanu, the main spark for his climate change advocacy was Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth. After watching it, the poker professional felt that he needed to do something about it. That was the reason behind the changes to his lifestyle which included buying a hybrid car along with being vocal about climate change.

Going All-In

Negreanu has decided to go all-in on his climate change advocacy. He hopes that his efforts would help shift the deadline of the original COP26 climate protocols from 2050 to 2035. According to Negreanu, climate change is more than a political issue. It is a moral one since it could harm future generations.

He talks about it with the same passion that he has for poker and it is hard not to be convinced when he makes his case. Negreanu is looking to be an ambassador for climate change issues and seems to be very educated on the subject and the science behind it. Negreanu’s says if nothing is done about carbon emissions, the human race will die slowly but surely.

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