Negreanu Guesses Opponents’ Cards at $250K Super High Roller Event 

Last Updated on June 25, 2024 Author:Adrian Sterne
Daniel Negreanu


  • Daniel Negreanu has once again made an impeccable soul read during the $250,000 Super High Roller event.
  • The Canadian used his savvy instincts and correctly guessed his opponents’ cards. 
  • The action unfolded on PokerGO on day 2 with blinds ranging between 50,000-100,000. 

The “Can Daniel Negreanu read minds?” controversy/dilemma has been an iconic topic in the poker world in the last few years. 

The Canadian poker prodigy has always been known for his incredibly correct reads that allowed him to call out his opponents’ exact cards during important events.

While some would explain his ability to make accurate reads as nothing but a guessing game, others would argue it’s a mix of factors including his intense focus and attention to detail, and ability to recognize patterns in his opponents’ play. 

Negreanu ‘Kid Poker is also great at creating player profiles based on past behaviors, relying on logic and reasoning to narrow down opponents’ range of hands, and, ultimately, reading emotions and using the info to his best advantage. 

All these savvy instincts were put to good use once again last weekend during the $250,000 Super High Roller event at the World Series of Poker.

Day 2 on PokerGO: 50 -100k Blinds, 100k Big Blind Ante

Day 2 attracted blinds set at 50,000-100,000 and a big blind ante of 100,000. 

Kid Poker went in for a min-raise to 200,000 with A J while American Charles Hook with total live earnings of $2,165,442 called with 8 8 from the small blind.

Next, Indian Santhosh Suvarna with total live earnings of $13,156,227called from the big blind with Q 9.

Negreanu went to the flop and recorded a 36.6% chance to win the hand, as per the Card Player Poker Odds Calculator. 

In the meanwhile, Hook had a 32.8% shot to win the hand while Suvarna was in third at 30.4%.

Once the flop came down A 8 4, Hook checked his set of eights.

Suvarna followed suit, triggering Negreanu to bring a 250,000 bet with his top pair.

Hook made it 550,000 after he got a fold from Suvarna. Negreanu spent some time before deciding to call. 

This brought the A, giving the Ontario-born trip aces. However, Hook was holding a full house.

The latter bet 700,000 and Negreanu once again took his time before making the call. The 7 fell on the river. Hook went all in. Kid Poker’s last 2.1 million were at risk.

The six-time WSOP bracelet winner said he “almost folded on the flop” asking “What is going on?

Once the pot went over the 5.3 million threshold, Negreanu enjoyed a drink and started assessing all his options.

He then went on to accurately guess Hook’s hand, saying “Pocket eights all day, twice on Sunday” prior to tossing in a chip to extend the time. 

After a little more thinking, he slid his hand to the muck, ending yet another brilliant opponent read.

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