“Jungleman” Comes Under Fire Over Controversial Lip Filler Tweet

Last Updated on January 14, 2022 Author:Gabrielle Monet

Daniel 'Jungleman' CatesSummary

  • Cates has attracted controversy once again over sexist tweet regarding lip fillers
  • Cates put out a tweet saying women get lip fillers to attract guys
  • Cates has been criticized by fellow pros, including Vanessa Kade and Jamie Staples

Dan “Jungleman” Cates has been getting a lot of flak on social media lately for his controversial tweet about a popular cosmetic surgery.

The American poker pro recently expressed his distaste towards women getting lip fillers, suggesting that those who get the surgery only do it to be more attractive to men.

Lip filler augmentation is a cosmetic procedure meant to plump up and shape the lips. The enhancement is not just limited to women as men can have it too, though more female customers seek this type of cosmetic surgery. Cates isn’t a fan of the procedure, saying he can’t stand idly by and watch women getting lip fillers.

Poker Community Reacts

Shortly after posting his tweet, Cates was bombarded by criticisms, some of them coming from fellow poker pros. Vanessa Kade was among the first to react to Cates’ tweet, saying that he can’t be in a real relationship anyway if he continues to judge people over minor cosmetics.

When a woman puts on make up or gets cosmetic surgery, it does not necessarily mean that they want to get guys. They have the right to do whatever makes them happy, said Melanie Mosner, head of sponsorship with Americas Cardroom (ACR).

Jamie Staples shares a similar view. He said women don’t get enhancements just to attract men.

The poker pro and Twitch streamer was visibly irked by Cates’ tweet that he went as far as writing a blog post discussing the subject. Staples also posted a video digging out Cates’ past controversies, such as the 2020 ghosting scandal where he admitted to playing on another player’s account during a private online high-stakes game.

<h2?Cates Continues to Attract Controversy

Cates clearly offended a lot of people with his controversial tweet but it’s nothing new to him. The American poker pro has faced backlash on several occasions because of his opinion on certain subjects. Add to that the fact that Cates is among prominent poker figures with quite a tainted reputation for his involvement in previous scandals.

In 2020, Cates hinted at retiring from poker, revealing that the game no longer satisfies him. But he has continued to play and even took part in major tournaments. Last year, he finally won his first gold bracelet by taking down the $50K Poker Players Championship during the 2021 WSOP fall series.

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