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Dan Bilzerian’s New Movie ‘Extraction’ Gets Poor Ratings

 Poker News December 30, 2015 by  Adrian Sterne

Dan BilzerianDan Bilzerian has built a reputation for himself as an internet celebrity and a high-stakes poker player. While there is no denying the fact that Bilzerian is an internet celebrity with his 14.8 million followers on Instagram, there are definitely questions about his reputation of being a high-stakes poker player.

The Hendon Mob ranks Bilzerian as 17,128th poker player on the US all time money list and records his career prize money as just over $36,000. Bilzerian has always maintained that he attends high-stakes confidential poker games on a regular basis, games that do not feature on the regular poker circuit and are by invitation only. He has regularly uploaded pictures of himself with stacks of money but whether this money was won at a poker game or from a business venture, it is hard to say.

One thing is certain is that Bilzerian has continued to hog the headlines in 2015 with his Instagram pics of beautiful women surrounding him, piles of cash, hoards of guns and private jets. This year Bilzerian teamed up with veteran Hollywood actor Bruce Willis to star in a new movie called ‘Extraction’ which hit theatres in the US on the 18th of December. Kellan Lutz and Gina Carano also star in the movie which covers an operation to rescue a captured CIA agent.

The movie has a lot of gun violence, car chases and fast paced action but isn’t being well received in the US as the ratings and feedback have been poor. This is the 5th movie according to the IMBD that Bilzerian has starred in and there is no doubt that his internet celebrity status and fan following played a key role in him being a part of the film. The last movie that he starred in was The Equalizer which came out in 2014.

Extraction runs for just 83 minutes and comes with an R-rated thriller rating and gets a 4/10 rating on the IMBD website. Some of the reviews published on the movie include Rotten Tomatoes verdict

Extraction is an exhaustively paint-by-numbers affair, and nobody is more bored with it than Willis

and The Globe and Mail comment:

Extraction? I’d rather have my teeth pulled by diseased, evil monkeys.

The 35 year old Bilzerian is estimated to have a net worth of over $100 million and the flop of Extraction will not worry him too much as he continues to travel and play those special ‘high stake poker games’.

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