Dan Bilzerian Challenged By Bill Perkins To Cycling Prop Bet

Last Updated on February 23, 2016 Author:Adrian Sterne

Dan BilzerianBill Perkins is a hedge fund manager who also plays high stakes poker but usually tends to keep a rather low profile. All that has changed in 2016 as Perkins has been in the news this year for his outrageous bets which have created quite an interest in the poker community.

Perkins recently announced on Twitter that he has entered into yet another prop bet, this time with poker pro and Instagram king Dan Bilzerian. Perkins has challenged Bilzerian to ride from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on a bike within a period of 48 hours. Bilzerian has time until March 31 to complete the bet. Both have put $600,000 of their money on the bet.

Perkins announced the bet on a tweet on February 17, after which Bilzerian has been tweeting about tackling the 300 miles distance despite not having ridden a bicycle in 18 years.

Perkins is well-known for entering into unusual prop bets frequently. His last bet that created headlines was with poker pro Antonio Esfandiari. The bet involved Esfandiari having to lunge everywhere he went for 48 hours. It however went beyond acceptable limits after Antonio Esfandiari decided to urinate in a bottle at the table instead of lunging to the bathroom at the PCA 2016, which got him suspended from the event.

Discussing his prop bets, Perkins said that he tries to have fun with them and is happy that they at times benefit charities.

In a statement, Perkins said

I try to think of ones that are possible. Ones that are impossible are no fun because you want to see an attempt, but you want ones where you can get an edge.

The bets that you can accomplish only by doing ridiculous things can be fun. I would say that in one out of every four prop bets a charity is involved. There is a good cause attached to 25 percent of our ridiculousness.

He has called his latest bet with Dan Bilzerian the largest and the wildest bet yet, with $1.2 million riding on it. High stakes poker pro and actor Blizerian has built a reputation for his flamboyant lifestyle which he chronicles on his Instagram account. He is also known to enter into wild bets, the latest one being that he sunk in $100,000 on a drawing for a Powerball lottery valued at $1.5 billion in January 2016.

Bilzerian also announced in a tweet that he has gladly accepted an offer from former professional cyclist Lance Armstrong to help him win the cycling bet. Podcaster and UFC announcer Joe Rogan decided to introduce Armstrong to Bilzerian as he thought Bilzerian might need a little help in winning the outlandish bet.

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