Coral Poker Announces Abrupt Transition from iPoker To partypoker Network December 5, 2019 Adrian Sterne

Coral Poker Announces Abrupt Transition from iPoker To partypoker Network

 Poker News December 5, 2019 by  Adrian Sterne

Coral PokerCoral Poker, a flagship skin of iPoker Network, has a new home now.

The poker site sent out an email to its players earlier this week which indicated major changes happening at the site, one of which is its switch to the Partypoker Network.

The migration took place on December 4.

Players at Coral Poker don’t need to worry about their cash balances as they are not affected by the switch. However, all poker points, bonuses, golden chips and free spins earned on iPoker are no longer valid.

The move which was a little abrupt comes as no surprise considering that both entities are owned by GVC Holdings. The online poker industry has evolved through the years and GVC is moving with the times by adding its existing customer base at Coral Poker to the expanding and increasingly popular Partypoker Network. The migration also coincides with GVC’s goal of making Partypoker Network, the biggest poker network in the world.

However, the abrupt manner by which the migration was announced shocked many players. In fact, no official notice has been posted yet on Coral Poker’s homepage in relation to the sudden switch.

The decision was made public only towards the end of November, giving players just a week to prepare. Others were completely unaware of the move until December 4, when the migration was done. That short notice resulted in some players not being able to use their points, tickets and other secondary benefits which they accrued on iPoker.

While not honouring accrued benefits is generally not a violation of the law, the sudden transition comes across as quite a harsh move for affected players considering the fact that they were not given enough time to spend their hard-earned points and rewards on the iPoker platform.

GVC Holdings is expected to continue to pool its assets, with Ladbrokes also speculated to join the Partypoker Network come 2020. Both Ladbrokes and Coral merged in 2016, and two years later, both brands were acquired by GVC. As a result of these developments, GVC might see its position improve and quickly become a leading player in the market in 2020.

iPoker To Pick Up MPN Skins

As for iPoker, the network becomes the new home of Russia-facing Red Star Poker, in preparation for the impending closure from the Microgaming Poker Network (MPN). iPoker is expected to pick up some other MPN skins when the network finally terminates its operations in 2020.

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